Distributor AEM Test Equipment - Mixed-Mode Vector Network Analyzer, Network Service Assitant




OSFP MSA Specification

STANDARDS: IEEE802.3ck Mated Test Fixture Specifications

  1. Compliant to IEEE802.3bj, IEEE802.3bm, IEEE802.3bs, IEEE802.3cd, and IEEE802.3ck

  2. Requires +5V (+/-10%) unregulated external voltage
        Facilitates power sourcing to DUT

  3. Built-In +3.3V linear voltage regulator - 7A current capability (7A*3.3v=23.1w) 
        Generates local clean voltage sourcing to DUT

  4. Green LED indicators of on-board +5V and +3.3V status

  5. Available external +3.3V connector
        Enables application of external voltage for stress testing

  6. Individual filter control for +3.3V Tx/Rx/Logic
        Optional disabling of series inductor to facilitate external injection of noise into DUT

  7. I2C bus Interface Header
        Enables user external access to I2C bus

  8. LED Indicators of DUT status
        Green LED (DUT presence)
        Red LED (DUT interrupt)

  9. Color coded connectors