PHY-SI Background:

This company is dedicated to the development of high-speed communication QSFP28/zQSFP+, SFP28/zSFP+, QSFP56, SFP56, OSFP, and QSFP-DD host compliance boards (HCB) and module compliance boards (MCB) for 802.3bj (100GBASE-CR4),802.3by (50GBASE-CR), 802.3cd (50GBASE-CR,100BASE-CR2 and 200GBASE-CR4),802.3bm and 802.3bs. The uniqueness of PHY-SI is that its developers are participants and contributors to the IEEE communication standards 802.3cd (PAM4) and 802.3bs targeting 50 Gb/s per lane electrical link compliance. The PHY-SI developers understand the complexity of the test compliance fixtures and the accuracy required to meet the standards and specifications.

About the Hardware:

These boards are built with solid sophisticated materials to minimize signal loss, return loss, and deliver repeatable results. The high-frequency response SMA connectors are threaded to ensure solid contact and last many insertions and extractions with no hanging wires. The SMA connectors are laid out to ease connectivity to the test equipment. These test fixtures have been rigorously tested to ensure confidence to 100GbE design engineers that their own products meet the strict standard specifications. This hardware is fully designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested in the USA. We will provide s-parameter performance of the test fixtures upon request.

PHY_SI President/Founder:

Chris Di Minico is the President/CTO of PHY-SI producing high speed test fixtures and President of MC Communications a telecommunications consulting firm. Chris has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry and plays an active role in the development of a number of telecommunication industry standards. Chris is an active participant and technical contributor IEEE 802.3; participating in the development of 802.3bj as the editor of clause 92 and annex 92A (100GBASE-CR4), channel definitions ad hoc co-chair in 802.3bp (reduced twisted-pair Ethernet), and cabling champion in 802.3bq (40GBASE-T).   Chris was the co-chair for TIA/EIA–942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers” and is the IEEE 802.3 liaison to TIA-TR42.

Public 802.3bj and CAUI-4 Test Fixtures Presentation:


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